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10 November, 2012

do you support a no kill shelter

by Barb @ 8:00 am

This is a shared post from the St. Catharines Standard. They are asking readers if you support a no-kill shelter. Why and why not?

A selection of reader responses will appear in the Nov. 13 Regional section, which runs in The Standard, Niagara Falls Review and Welland Tribune.

Please follow this link and post your comments in support a No Kill community:

i’ll copy the letter i sent, please end your own in and spread the word

The question is do we want a no kill shelter in St. Catharines. My answer is yes yes yes. My reasons will be told in some stories that come to mind.

I understand a shelter’s options are limited only by imagination. I can quote the magical Ghandi, ‘be the change.’

I bounce the ball from the mere choice of criticism to what have I done to work toward solutions, that says I am part of the caring public, and we have an amazing caring public.

Let me start with something written in the book Tribes, We need you to lead us, by Seth Godin. The scenario he describes is from the I Love Lucy episode ( I loved watching the fabulous Lucille Ball ) where Lucy and Ethel are working on a candy assembly line. The candies move along faster and faster, and they panic, and start stuffing the truffles into their mouths.

This is a management problem Seth says, because managers manage a process. Leadership is about creating change that you believe in. He goes onto say , leaders have followers, managers have employees. Leaders use passion and ideas to lead people, as oppossed to using threats and beaucracy to manage them.

So the caring public ( I included) are taking an interest and we are on the cusp of social change, a very worthy change . In the book Irreconcilable Differences, ” Imagine if Child Protective Services took in abused, abandoned and unwaated children – then killed them.. We should no more tolerate it for animals.

To quote from The Ten Steps to Adopting your way out of killing, from the No Kill advocacy centre, ” In fact, we are not aware of any shelter /pound going from a culture of killing to a culture of lifesaving without turnover in management and staff. ”

Watch the Starfleet training exercise called the Kaboyashi Maru, where they train new recruits with the exercise to see how they would react in a no win situation. When someone offers you a no-win scenario to justify killing, don’t play the game. It is rigged against you. You have to refuse, like Captain Kirk, to give in to no-win scenarios by redefining the problem.

Rooted in my reality are some amazing people who save lives. They do it because they are committed to do it. I’ve had the privelage of witnessing and learning. I’ve seen people with the ‘gift’ of caring for teeny weeny kittens who cling to life. Puppies with deadly illness who were given a chance, and made it , with the help of round the clock care from dedicated people. A mistreated pup who was like brain dead, was given time and a chance. Some home cooked sloppy soup made by a special woman and round the clock care by a team of people, and slowly this little boy has become an exceptional retriever.
It fills me with such joy to witness him living. ( and thank the professional lady who gave him a chance, just because it was the right thing to do . I’ve witnessed the community this summer rally to search for a border collie. He was found. They started a facebook page to help others find their pets.
There is soooo much more I could say, but I’ll just say one more.

A Little girl, who could barely breathe, was without an owner, near tragedy was awaiting her and it wasn’t to end that way. Someone cared enough to take a chance, got involved, cared enough to give her a chance, did i say that already,they took a risk, and it came out right. She’s better , breathing freely, and has a squiggly wiggly impressive wave of a gesture to those who she has come to know. Her human friends. ( She is looking for a special home to call her own)

I just recently watched, with tears, a Utube video. The crowd had an initial response to Susan Boyle as she took to the stage for her audition on Britan has talent. She opened her mouth and sang I dreamed a dream, and tears just happened for me.

The tears happened for me when I watched the Netherland Horse Rescue , when the horses moved through the water to safety.

Seth says in his book, ‘ generous and authentic leadership will always defeat the selfish efforts of someone doing it just because he/she can.’

From the book Redemption, ” and we are not part of the same movement today.. No Kill advocates , on the one hand, and kill-oriented traditionalists, on the other, are on a collision course. “…This is the ongoing and evolving story of animal sheltering in the United States, a movement that was born of compassion and then lost its way. It is the story of the No Kill movement, which says we can and must stop the killing. It is about a social movement as noble and just as those that have come before. Above all, it is a story about believing in the community and trusting in the power of compassion.

I am part of the public, I want to do my best, and I vote yes. I would be baffled to understand why we wouldn’t want to do better.

Barb Dvernechuk,
member of Community Animal Allies of Niagara.

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