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4 November, 2012

National ANimal Shelter Reform Week

by Barb @ 11:10 am

Know that this week is National Animal Shelter Reform Week,
the following is taken from the No Kill Advocacy website in the United States founder Nathan WInograd.:

In fact, the first time many animals experience abuse and neglect is in the very institutions which are supposed to protect them from it….

National Animal Shelter Reform Week is designed to confront the tragic truth about how most shelters in this country operate and to increase public awareness about how animal lovers can fight back and reform them. Despite the uphill battle many shelter reformers face, they are succeeding through ingenuity, perseverance, and because the American public, which loves animals, is on their side. The No Kill Advocacy Center would like to support their reform campaigns and honor their tireless effort.

Every day during National Animal Shelter Reform Week, the first full week of every November, the No Kill Advocacy Center will confront poor and neglectful conditions at shelters around the country and contrast them with progressive and innovative No Kill shelters. We will also honor No Kill activists working to end the systematic killing of animals, so that others can be inspired by their efforts. Finally, we will strive to give animal advocates the tools they need to succeed.

I was at the meeting of the LCHS which didn’t happen in October. I’d like to share that this website has excellent information about achieving a No Kill Community and that it is achievable. On behalf of Community Animal Allies of Niagara, I’d like to send our support.
to the No Kill St. Catharines on Facebook
thanks Barb

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